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Love Story


Where do I  begin

To tell you of how the great love can be

The sweet love story than can be older than the sea

Te simple truth about she brings to me

Where do I start


With her first love

She gave me a meaning  to the empty wolrd of my

There’d never another love another time

She came into my life and made my living fine

She fills my heart


She fills my heart with spcial things

With Angel songs, with wild imaginings

She fills my soul witth so much love

That anywhere I go, I am never lonely

With her along couls who be lonely

I reach for her hands, It’s always there


How long does it lasts

Can love be measured by the hours in a day ?

I have no anwsers now but this much I can say

Iknow I will need her untl all stars will burn away

And she will be there